[MV] BIBI(비비) _ Birthday Cake

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 3 พ.ค. 2021
[MV] BIBI(비비) _ Birthday Cake

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  • Im literally slowly falling in love with this girls songs

  • this makes me tear up everytime i watch it

  • She's priceless

  • L. O. V. E.

  • 보는 내내 절절해서 마음이 아팠다

  • 언니 사랑햇

  • I just wanna see happy bibi my heart can’t take it

  • 난 이번 앨범 중에 이 노래가 제일 좋아


  • This girl should be given an acting career.

  • 울먹먹하다 엉엉 같이 눈물났네..

  • I love you, my dear artist

  • Damn this made me tear up...

  • essa esse clipe e essa musica... uma porrada no coração, incrível

  • i love her smmmm

  • girl after this EP i am already in love with you and your art


  • She’s too amazing.

  • my only problem with this is it makes it seem like homeless people are slobs. So a homeless person can't try to eat it cleanly and not mash it all in their face?

    • counterpoint : I've been there. Sometimes you simply stop caring about appearances, Or you're too hungry to realize what you're doing.

  • No paro de ver el video y siempre me dan ganas de llorar 😩

  • 노숙자라고 하기에...다리가 너무 하얗다...ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Chorei

  • "Nobody told me I can have the whole chocolate..." Terrible that many kids are taught to believe that they deserve nothing.

  • OMFG!!! Every time I watch this I feel overwhelming emotions. Multiple thanks to Bibi for bringing some light to a mostly hidden topic! I grew up in a very abusive home and after leaving at 16 I experienced lots of difficulties, including addictions and some homelessness. This MV reminds me of when I was so so hungry and found some half eaten fried chicken in a dumpster. I was so thankful for that. I'm doing much better now, but I cry for those who are still stuck out there for any reason

  • This video made me cry at the end. This video and her video for Kazino hit me emotionally. I don't usually get emotional watching music videos. That says a lot about BIBI's impact as an artist.

  • this is so touching, tbh when u exactly are going through the similar feelings

  • I really admire her, she is a real ARTIST

  • how did hollywood not find Bibi yet? she acts better in the mvs than the actors and actresses in the dramas I watch

  • 뒤통수를 탁 쳐부렷다!

  • overacting ki leaa 10 rupaee cut 🤣😂😂

  • Is this a teaser why just 2mins. 😭

  • 히잉...ㅜㅜ 나 왜 울려요ㅜㅜ

  • goshhhh i love how real she is in everything she creates... it feels so close and unfiltered to the audience I'm obsessed

  • 아니 거지컨셉 머야.....컨셉에 한계가 없는 그녀.... 존경합니다

  • 🥰😍😘❤💕

  • BIBI and DPR collab That will be amazing

  • Esto pasa en la Vida real no se puede jugar con un tema asi creo que ya se estaba quedando sin ideas para hacer esto

  • OMG! I could feel emotions of this vídeo. Nice artist. Congratulations!

  • I hate my birthday 🎂

  • she’s an artist with so much to say

  • ackting its amzing

  • 🇲🇽♥️

  • this video got me thinking

  • 연기대상감이네 진짜로 굶긴듯 리얼먹방이네

  • She's phenomenal!

  • She's phenomenal!

  • YES.

  • I got goosebumps 🙄❤️

  • Это так необычно , не хотели бы вы снятся в кино? Очень хорошо играете , мне даже жалко стало вас ((

  • i did honestly thought she was singing about being gay before watching and reading you all lol

  • the fact that i was just searching for a birthday song and found with this, omg i love it!

  • 연기도 너무 잘해 미친다..

  • 도대체 언제부터 외국인들이 영어테러를.....한글...한글이보고싶다!!

  • It could also mean that we don’t understand how lucky we are to have something until it is gone. I think it has many meanings

  • 혐오스런마츠코 오마쥬같아요. 마지막이 참 씁쓸했는데. 마지막의 마츠코 같아요

  • que triste cara

  • 감옥에서 나왔을때의 헝클어진 여자 모습이 꼭 혐오스런 마츠코의 일생에 마지막에 나오는 마츠코 모습같아요.. 상황도 비슷하구요.. 되게 감명깊게 본 영화라서 그런지 이 모습과 노래와 연기들이 더 와닿고 몰입이 잘되는거 같습니다.. 비비님 너무 멋있어요!! 최근에 비비님 보면 꾸밈없고 솔직한 멋진 모습에 시기질투하는 사람들과 비비님의 순수한 모면을 이용해서 비비님을 헐뜯는 악플러들 때문에 힘들어 하시는거같은데 개의치마시고 팬들의 응원으로 힘냈으면 합니다! 오래오래 보고싶은 가수에요 ! 알럽비비ㅠㅠ♡

  • She like Melanie Martinez

  • Yoooo she's good💕😭😭😭

  • This looks like an art to me.. love it! ❤️

  • Is it soo hard to people to appreciate the pure talent ✨✨

  • Atinys

  • I love bibi's take on things, she's so good at expressing herself. I also believe that she'd do so well acting in a movie or drama, she's amazing

  • If Melanie Martinez have Korean sister ❤️

  • Cast her noowwwwww

  • Yeah I love myself to lose it~ BiBi ALL THE WAY UP!!!!

  • I wonder why she’s thinking while acting. I got emotional 😭

  • Shes an art

  • Anytime I see a hint of her anywhere, I click so fast! And she never disappoints!



  • what an amazing artist. bibi I love you.

  • me too bibi me too

  • I cried, this video was both sad and beautiful.

  • 미쳐써ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • So the last mv maybe is ummm life

  • The acting tho... it gave me goosebumps

  • this video tbh hit a lil to close to home

  • 어우 어떡해 나눈물나...

  • step by step, her music becomes more and more brilliant and restless. i'm not good at saying goodbye to her music... i hope she will continue to eat our love :)

  • love you bibi

  • até o mendigo da Coreia é gourmet

  • 연기 대박 울 언니

  • This song is gorgeous, I have listened to it so much the full version is 100%

  • I really cried

  • She has potential to be an actress, someone please cast her..

  • Holy crap when she started to cry I felt that. The way that she portrayed her emotions kdjfkdf ✨ devastation ✨

  • bibi

  • 아니 이 언니는 진짜 못하는게뭐임 연기 랩 노래 만능캐다 완전 ㄸ

  • Melanie Martinez

  • 연기도 잘하네 못하는게 뭐야

  • damn bibi, you talented genius

  • After watching life is a bi.. mv. This hits even harder

  • 이게 비비지 ❤️😻

  • not just singing but also acting?,real queen


  • 내가 시발 이걸 왜하는거지 감독새끼 하면서 울고 있는거 같네

  • Wait so this is a continuation of “life is a bi”

  • While all Kpop girls want to looks beautiful and princess, Bibi focus on manifesting feelings and emotions

    • @snowflake right, I mean she's special and rare for my like

    • @Rudainee Biswas agree

    • That's bc that's how average kpop song works. It's very rare when an idol sings about personal or genuine experiences, I only know of bts who does that. Not that they're the only one but when the other kpop artists do it it's very very rare and one time thing. It's always about love heartbreak dating or heavy construction noises. That's bc it sells and people rarely care about good art now and just want some good beats instead of the actual message. Same for western music. Heartbreak love dating sex drugs is what sells so that's the average song. Bibi is not kpop. She's k hiphop/rnb which doesn't have idol culture of being pure and babylike that she can't curse or date or do this or that

    • both are good. please dont compare.

  • 비비 워크맨 거지체험이야..?